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Ask A Nutritionist

Need advice on nutrition and diet? Confused about which Tru Superfoods products you should start with? Want help with creating a diet plan that takes your dietary preferences and workout details into account? Looking to manage chronic conditions and for symptom relief? (Note: we do not provide medical advice).

Wondering if everyone in your family is receiving the nutrition, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats and enzymes they need? Then send us your question/s below and one of our qualified in-house nutritionists will get back to you! You can also request for a FREE telephonic session with a nutritionist (subject to availability)!

Frequently Asked Questions


Because you are what you eat - as was eloquently unpacked in Ayurveda. And the truth of the matter is that most Indians, regardless of their income levels, do not consume enough fruits, vegetables and beneficial herbs and spices in their daily lives - and therefore do not receive the nutrients, vitamin, minerals, amino acids and enzymes they require. This deficiency can lead to all sorts of health issues including fatigue, weight issues and chronic illnesses. Adding nutrient rich superfoods to your daily diet can significantly boost your overall health and wellness.


While this depends on each individual, people usually start noticing tangible changes and can start to feel the difference clearly after 2 months of continued usage, at the recommended daily serving. The reason for this is that you are not simply managing symptoms by including superfoods in your life - rather, you are addressing the root cause of diseases and illnesses by bringing about long term changes in your body. We would love to hear about the benefits you have experienced and the changes you have felt! Leave a review under the product you purchased, or contact us directly!


Certainly! While we wouldn't advise giving these powders to young infants, just to be safe, all of our products are 100% natural and purely plant-based powders, with ZERO additives of any kind. Even though the nutritional value would be a great benefit, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should still consult their doctors prior to usage. In fact, children and old people are the demographics that would benefit the most from an additional daily boost of nutrients and goodness. This will help to strengthen their immunity, which is vital as these two groups tend to be the most susceptible to illnesses and infections. Especially for growing children, these completely natural powders are a great way to ensure that they receive all of the nutrients they need to give them an edge in these hyper-competitive times.


Unfortunately, we aren't doctors and legally can't give you any medical advice. We wouldn't advise discontinuing any ongoing treatments you may currently be on. However, these are completely natural products, and will definitely help supplement your health and healing. While there generally won't be any side effects for our products, you should still consult your physician about including specific herbal powders while on any major treatment/medication.

Which products should I use for ….

Whether you are looking to lose weight, up your protein intake through highly potent & safe plant protein, make the most of your exercising & gym sessions or are looking to improve your digestive health, immunity, etc, you can browse through our Wellness Kits below, that have been formulated and regimented to help you obtain your desired results. If you have any other queries, or are looking to address specific conditions, kindly fill out the form above, and one of our in-house nutritionists will help you out.