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  • Organic Triphala Powder
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  • Organic Wheatgrass Powder
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  • Organic Amla Powder
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The Tru secret to glowing skin and excellent skin health comes from within. While topical applications and moisturising can have a big impact, proper nutrition from the inside makes a lasting difference. We have handpicked products that are the most effective at this. Find out the mechanisms for how each of them work on skin health below.



Triphala Powder

Bioactives: Gallic acid, Ellagic acid & Chebulinic acid

Mechanism of Action: Triphala has protective effects on Dermal Fibroblasts and Human Keratinocytes. It has potential antioxidant properties and acts as a skin-protective ingredient by re-building the skin structural proteins and stimulating selective youth genes.


Amla Powder

Bioactives: Vitamin C, Emblicanin A & Emblicanin B

Mechanism of Action: Amla protects the skin from the devastating effects of free radicals, non-radicals and transition metal-induced oxidative stress. It is suitable for use in anti-ageing, general purpose skin care products and as a sunscreen. Amla is an accepted hair tonic in traditional recipes for enriching hair growth as well as pigmentation. A fixed oil obtained from the berries strengthens and promotes the growth of hair. Amla has been shown to reduce UV-induced erythema and has excellent free-radical quenching ability.


Wheatgrass Powder

Bioactives: Vitamins A, C, E, B-Complex & K

Mechanism of Action: Wheatgrass contains over 70% chlorophyll which is a potent antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Wheatgrass removes toxins from the body and skin. As impurities are flushed from the system, balanced blood circulation occurs for improved performance internally and externally. With improved circulation, cell regeneration is stimulated - slowing the ageing process for healthier appearance of skin overall. According to the American Journal of Surgery, the chlorophyll content in Wheatgrass repairs damaged epidermal tissue, inhibits acne breakouts, and diminishes blemishes and scars when included as part of a balanced diet. Ingesting wheatgrass on a regular basis clears up symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Wheatgrass is high in antioxidants and prevents damage from free radicals including environmental toxins and UV exposure. Vitamin A in wheat grass enhances the skin lustre and provides a glow to the outer skin. It cures black spots and blemishes below the eyes and improves eyesight. It is also helpful in checking eye, nose, and throat disorders and is great for nourishing hair.

Our powders are based on ancient Ayurvedic knowledge and backed by modern science and research, and are therefore excellent as a safe, natural & organic way of improving skin health.